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Its that time of year lots of great rides and events coming up we will try and post them here. Don’t let us miss your event, If your having a ride or event send us your information and we will post it here.

Every Tuesday evening 6:00 pm Western Speedway, Victoria Super Moto, drop by bring your bike have fun.

June 6th: 10 am – 3 Pm Telus Ride for Dad meet at Slegg Lumber 3217 Small road Cumberland. Fo info contact Susan Lewis

June 7th: 7 am – 4 PM Vancouver Island West Coast Ride to Live Breakfast 8 am ride, starts 9 am lots of events through out the day. More information

June 13th: 9 am Vancouver Island Charity Riders Poker run, meet at coast Guard on Dallas road more information call Mike 250-883-7890 or Jim 250-213-2492

Squamish Motorcycle Festival July 3rd to 5th, 2015 weekend of motorcycle events, rides, shows, entertainment,stunt riders. more information contact Suzanne Jolly, Executive Director Email:
Phone: 778-385-4566

7th Annual Cumberland Motorcycle Roundup – 2015 Show and Shine and Poker Run August 7th, 8th and 9th


Since the 2013 Dakar Rally Don has taken time off Rally to allow his body to recover from 5 years of international rallying. He has focused his energy on his growing Insurance brokerage and his passion for off road Adventure training.

Through his off-road riding courses Don has helped numerous riders attain there dream of partaking in an off-road adventure ride in far away places.

“I really enjoy instructing, there is nothing like sharing a riders transformation from not able to ride off-road at the beginnning of the weekend to transform over two days where they competantly complete an off-road adventure ride.” Don Hatton

Adventure Course

**** course starting May 23 and 24 2015***

Rally Raid Canada Adventure Course – Two day adventure riding course in Duncan BC.

The course is as the British would say focused on “the Big Trailies”.

It is designed for the beginner to intermediate adventure rider, I go over everything from proper riding position to picking up your bike.

Day 1: We work on technique.

Day 2: is usually a refresher of day 1 before heading out on a 4 to 5 hour adventure ride.

The riders who gain the most from my course are riders who have street riding experience and now want to take their riding to a new level.

(If you have a lot of off road dirt bike experience then this may not be the course for you.)

We are not a learn to ride course you must be able to ride a motorcycle to benefit from this course. 

If your goal is to explore on your bike then this is the course for you.

For more information on Dates and cost contact

 or dhatton@

Don Hatton has competed in more off road rallies then any Canadian to date, including Morocco, Dubai, Tunisia,Mexico, He has competed as a member of Cyril Despres Factory KTM team in Sardinia Italy, He is a three time Dakar Rally competitor and was Teamed with Simon Pavey on a Husqvarna supported team in the 2013 Dakar Rally, His competed in the Baja 1000 finishing 4th in his category.
Don assisted Charly Boorman in the filming of the BC stage of Extreme Frontiers Canada. He was the featured adventure riding instructor on 12 episodes of the TSN series “Motorcycle Experience”, Don has instructed adventure riding courses with world renowned BMW Off Road Skills instructor Simon Pavey.
He is a sought after speaker and regularly speaks to clubs and business groups on his adventures .


Hi Don,

My thanks to you for sharing your expertise in a way that was practical and effective. In no other way could I have learned what I did.
My reluctance to try some of the obstacles was entirely based on my level of fatigue – which was a reflection of my fitness. Next time I’ll be in better shape. Having said that, perhaps a topic you might explore with your students is how to recognize fatigue and how to deal with it – what to refocus on. Your Dakar experiences will have made you expert on this. Not to try to bring us to your level, but to share some of your experiences and concepts.

Thanks again to you and Natalie for your hospitality.


Bikes and Truck at the Port Ready to be Shipped to Europe

It is hard to get texts and emails from Don and Natalie at the moment, since internet access is intermittent there at best. Also there is very tight security in the hotel due to a conference of South American Presidents.

However, the bikes, truck and equipment has all been delivered to the port for return to Europe. This was the first opportunity everyone got a chance to have a really good look at Don’s bike and they were all shocked at the extensiveness of the damage. It looks like Don was very lucky to walk away from that one…or to be knocked 20 feet down the slope of the dune is closer to the truth.

Don is So Grateful for Your Comments

Don called this morning at 8:30 to ask that I post the following:

I am deeply touched and very, very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to post the many wonderful comments on the website. Your kindness, care and concern have been a lifeline for me.

This has been the my hardest Dakar ever both physically and emotionally. Not only the sudden end to my own ride, but the death of the young Frenchman that I rode with for two days, has hit me very hard. I want you all to know that the fact that you are thinking of me and holding me in your thoughts has really helped me.

Don and Natalie and family are leaving Vina del Mar today, headed to La Serena hoping to join Simon and the crew there before the last day of rally. With luck they may make Copiapo which is on the third to last day before end of the rally in Santiago.

At this point, they are thinking they will be back in Duncan by the 27th or 28th. Natalie will be texting as they continue.

For those of you who missed the interview on Friday on CFAX, here is the interview broken into five parts.

Interview Part I (7 mins.)

Interview Part II (9.24 mins.)

Interview Part III (8:38 mins)

Interview Part IV (9:06 mins)

Interview V (0:45 secs)

Latest News from Chile via Natalie

Natalie ArrivesThank goodness the site is back up again after a catastrophic server crash on Friday!

Natalie left on Saturday for Toronto/Chile and she arrived there this morning. At the time of posting, she is having a little wine to refresh her parched throat!

Today is rest day today for Simon Pavey.  They have heard from his wife, Linley.  All is well on the Pavey team at this time . But it’s very hot and sweaty in the bivouac.

Don is pretty sure the team is planning to change engines today.  Apparently the truck Llewellyn and Linley were in had broken down.

We are not sure how Linley is getting around,  but Llewellyn is now riding with a couple of Polish guys following the rally.

Next Stop is Viña Del Mar on the central coast.

Try to tune in to CFAX 1070 AM this afternoon at 4:00. They will be interviewing both Don and Natalie.

Try to tune in to CFAX 1070 AM this afternoon at 4:00. They will be interviewing both Don and Natalie.

Deadly Dakar Accident Kills Two, Injures Seven

The Dakar carnage continues unabated. The injuries and accidents sustained by the riders are seldom if ever reported. However this accident is likely being reported internationally as it involves Peruvian citizens.

Don texted:

My concern about riding in the service truck was not unfounded.

On Wednesday evening 10 km before the Chilean border, one of the support trucks for the British “Race to Recovery” team was involved in a head on collision with a taxi. Two people were killed and seven have been critically injured, including the three guys on the truck. They had been in a group of support vehicles with us only two hours earlier. I am pretty devastated to hear of this they are all great guys.

The Race to Recovery guys are not dead but they are in critical condition. I have no information on their injuries.

The Race to Recovery Team is the subject of a TV series in the UK and are raising money for disabled soldiers. Each of the race vehicles had an amputee soldier in it.

The Race to Recovery Website reports:

On Wednesday, three other members of the Race2Recovery team, John Winskill, Justin Birchall and Lee Townsend were injured in a serious road traffic accident when the Land Rover Defender (a team support vehicle not a race vehicle) that they were travelling in was involved in a collision in which two Peruvian civilians died and left several others injured. Winskill, Birchall and Townsend were transferred to a local hospital close to the scene in Tacna, Peru, before being flown to a hospital in Lima, Peru for further tests and treatment. The three team members are described as stable and recovering well.

Their other vehicle has since been in another accident after hitting a ditch and rolling. Both people in the vehicle survived.

And another death:

As we write this, news of the death of another rider is just in. Apparently, he struck a police car during the Liaison section. Don rode with this man for two days. We are not reporting his name since his family may not yet know.

Don Headed to Santiago

Texted last night at 10:45

If the truck had been another 6 inches closer I would not be texting you right now…  It is 3 am here and I am in an airport somewhere in Chile trying to get a flight to Santiago

I am going to go to Santiago and have a shower a good nights rest a good meal and think of a new adventure to look forward to. And give away the Duncan flags I just found in my suitcase. I swear I have given away 2000 flags they were really popular.

I feel of course gutted to finally realize finishing the Dakar is not happening. At the same time proud that I finished the two toughest days of the Dakar. This was the last airport for about 7 days so I booked a flight and will meet up with our son. Otherwise all I had to look forward to was 1000s of of kilometers driving and that was not for me.

The thing about being a racer is that I am a lousy spectator not to mention that our team still has a rider in the event, the support truck is setup for the two support people the riders were never supposed to be in the truck with them meaning I was sitting on a coke crate between gas cans and spare is normal for the racer to leave the bivouac at the first opportunity to get out.

No it was a very dramatic moment. My bike was damaged and I did not know if I could continue. I did not want Natalie to worry because I knew she was tracking me and she would see I was not moving. I asked to borrow an officials telephone at that point I did not know there was a news crew near by.

Just boarding got to go into airplane mode… Talk to you later

This Video is a Must See- The End of the Rally for Don Hatton

The voice-overs are French, but enough of the English comes through the background. This is a very harsh video to watch as the French Camera Crew follows Don from right after the hit to the end of the ride.

You have not seen exhaustion like it and it gives a very clear picture of how brutal this rally truly is. The title says Stage Four, but that is an error. It was Stage Three as we all know.

Click here to see the End of Dakar for Don Hatton.

The video on the French TV website is entitled, “Anonymous Heroes.”

No kidding.