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The Eagle Has Landed

Send Don Good Energy!

Don has arrived safely in Peru and the team is in the process of getting their bikes out of the customs compound. This may take a few hours.

Natalie hopes to hear from him before noon.


In Toronto and Waiting for Flight to Peru

Don arrived safely in Toronto, despite the bad weather and he and Patrick, the other Canadian rider are waiting for the flight to Peru. We will have a DONATE button set up on this site shortly for those of you who would like to support Don in his effort to complete the Dakar. Every little […]

Flight Delays from Vancouver to Toronto Due to Huge Storm

The terrible weather back east has caused delays in airline travel. Air Canada is not sure that Don will be able to make his connection to Peru!

They are re-booking him onto an earlier Vancouver/Toronto flight that has not yet been cancelled or delayed.

Further complications are that his baggage is overweight and they are […]

Don Hatton Interviewed on Chek TV Tonight

CHEK-TV came to the house tonight to interview Don about the upcoming Dakar race in Chile. We will let you know when it is going to air, but for now, here is a photo of the set up in our home as Don attempted to explain what he is going to do! Watch the CHEK […]