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October 22, 2009 – Shamrock Rally of Morocco 2009

Route Map

2009 Shamrock Rally of Morocco

Zagora, Morocco

2009 Morocco Route Map

Where in the world is Don Hatton?

We know he made it to France. Scrutineering starts on Saturday October 24th so hopefully he is in Morocco now.

This years Shamrock Rally of Morocco has a record number of participants, 190, including 49 motorcycles. Don is lucky #242. For a complete list of entrants check out the list of entrants above.

One of the biggest challenges in any rally is navigation including reading and updating the road book. Just ask Don about his 2009 Dakar experience. For a glimpse of what a road book looks like, and the multitude of symbols they can contain, check out the sample road book link above.

Check out the promotional video of the Rally via the link above. It gives some idea of what the terrain will be like.

If you want more information on the Morocco Rally go to the NPO web site.

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