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October 23, 2009 – Shamrock Rally of Morocco 2009

Update on Don’s Journey

Don and Natalie made it to Zagora on October 23 after a 4 hour car ride with a manic Moroccan driver. The journey was along an extremely high, narrow winding road with no guardrails.

However, Don’s bike has not arrived yet. Apparently the ferry that the bike and mechanic Bernie were traveling on was delayed by bad weather off the coast of Spain. Bernie and the bike arrived in Tangiers around noon on Friday. They have a 14-hour trip to Zagora and then need to do final setup of the bike before Don’s scrutineering time at 07:30 Saturday. Not a lot of time!!!

Don’s quote for the day “well that’s Morocco for you”.

They are hearing from most of the seasoned drivers and riders that the food, accommodation and wine is much better than last year.

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