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October 24, 2009 – Scrutineering Morocoo 2009

Don’s Quote Of The Day: “It’s been a hell of a day”

Don on Rally Radio

After a grueling day in the hot sun it looks like Don has all the stamps from scrutineering to participate in the Rally tomorrow.

Bernie and the bikes finally arrived late Saturday morning after Don had his administrative scrutineering. This really put him behind with scrutineering. On top of that Don’s bike had some serious wiring problems that took over 5 hours to repair. They are hoping that they don’t have any problems tomorrow… apparently it is all related to power to the navigation equipment.

Don said it really beats up on your confidence when the bike has these kinds of issues. Wiring could cause him to be stranded in the desert.

Bikes start out tomorrow at 7am – Don is now number 242, his start time should be 8:17.

And how about Bernie and Tony the two mechanics who have been up for over 24 hours – no food – no sleep and still not finished.

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