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October 25, 2009 – Stage 1 Morocco 2009

Don’s Quote Of The Day: “Rocks, rocks, and more rocks, and we’re not talking pebbles here”

Well Don did make it to the start line today. However his issues were not restricted to just navigation equipment electrical problems!

Don described the course as “rocks, rocks, and more rocks and we’re not talking pebbles.” The Bike had a problem with the suspension on the first stage, it didn’t have any. Bernie was able to make it a bit better at the neutralization break which allowed Don to ride the second stage. Apparently after the race Bernie was still working on the suspension at 2AM Monday, local time.

Day one of the Rally has been tough on Don’s body as well. He twisted his knee and re-injured his right hand but he says he is okay to ride tomorrow.

Don will start in 5th place in the Enduro class tomorrow (Monday).

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