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October 27, 2009 – Stage 3 Morocco 2009

Don’s Quote Of The Day: “Challenging but fun”

Don finished 5th in Stage 3 today and is sitting 5th overall in the Enduro class.

He reports Stage 3 had heavy dunes and was very hot. Don had a little problem with overheating (himself, not the bike) and had to pull over at one stage to hide in the shade of the bike while he stripped down, had a drink, and ate something.

Several other riders were forced to drop out of the rally today due to the heat and several had trouble with navigation and got lost for a while.

Natalie says she was watching and they were coming in to the finish from all over the place. She also saw a helicopter bringing in a broken bike around mid day but doesn’t have any additional information.

Don has been updating his road book for stage 4 and says it looks like it is back to rocks tomorrow. Even the top riders are saying tomorrow is going to be a hard day.

Good luck on stage 4 Don!

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