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October 28, 2009 – Stage 4 Morocco 2009

Don Cooling Down in Stage 3

Don Cooling Down in Stage 3

Don’s KTM 690E Stuck in the sand

Don's KTM 690E stuck in the sand

Don’s Quote Of The Day: “Had a really good ride today.”

Once again Don finished 5th in the days stage and is sitting 5th in the overall standings of the Enduro Cup.

Don felt really good on stage 4, yesterdays set back was definitely heat stroke but he had fully recovered before the start of today’s stage.

The KTM 690 Enduro performed well on today’s stage, while riding a totally stock bike is not ideal for the kind of terrain in Morocco, Don is coming to terms with it and feeling more comfortable as the rally progresses.

The terrain today was a fast track but with lots of rocks and treacherous sections. The organizers were warning riders at the start that the route was very dangerous with lots of holes that were not marked on the road book.

Unfortunately it looks like another of Don’s teammates, David Dickinson of Great Britain, may be out of the rally. It appears that David completed stage 4 but later in the day was undergoing medical treatment and awaiting X-rays for a possible broken sternum. Another of Don’s teammates, the only other Canadian in the rally, Rick Hatswell of Vancouver, dropped out in stage 2 with a broken leg.

Don provided the following description of Stage 4:

The first 30 kms of the stage was very rocky initially with some bad cliffs – on the edge of a mountain with sheer drops of over 1000 feet and the road wasn’t any more than 8 feet wide- just wide enough to get the trucks up.

Then it was some very fast gravel with huge washouts – entire sections of the road gone. 150km an hour sections and entire parts of the road missing. Then we had fech fech for about 6kms interspersed with sections of gravel and huge rocks. The last couple kms were small dunes with treacherous drops (that’s where David got hurt). Total distance for the special was 218 kms. Overall though I had a great day. My mechanic Bernie is starting to get my bike dialed in for me. Tomorrow (Stage 5) is going to be very hard … we have a 20km section of large dunes, in addition to that we have some small sections of dunes. It is going to be hot and tiring tomorrow plus we have 200kms of liaison.

Good luck in stage 5 Don!

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