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October 29, 2009 – Stage 5 Morocco 2009

Natalie’s Quote Of The Day: “Being part of the rally is such an exciting and amazing experience.”

Once again Don finished 5th in stage 5 but has moved up to 4th in the overall standings for the Enduro Cup Motorcycle class.

Today’s stage was very tough due to the heat and dunes. Natalie provided the following update.

It was a very long stage, there are still guys out there in the dunes. We usually have a very full house for the dinner and briefing, but tonight there were a lot of empty spaces. Teams were straggling in looking pretty tired.

The stage started with a long off piece section with small dunes called dunettes (they are small but not easy to ride and difficult to navigate in). The big challenge of the day was the 20kms of absolute off piece dunes meaning there was no route through it – Don had to navigate through using cap headings. He made it through but he swears he climbed every dune in the 20kms. He said it was really quite a sensation to be in a dune field so large that you couldn’t see any end to them. Navigation was difficult but he got through. Don is still finding the bike a challenge to ride but is adapting his riding to the bike as best he can. At the last part of the stage there was 25 km’s of fech fech (fine silty sand with a thin crust) so Don was really glad to see the end of it.

As an observer at the stages and dinner table talk you cannot believe what happens to these guys in a day and they just continue forward. There are some amazing stories.

We have a little controversy going on at this time. It appears that Cyril, who is in the lead, did not hand his time card in at the end of the special. Apparently for good reason, he had gone back to assist another rider and in all the excitement forgot to hand in his time card. He rode really well today and would be a shame to see him lose the rally for a technicality like that (but then again that’s the rules)!.

Tomorrow is the last day. We are all looking forward to it. Being part of the rally is such an exciting and amazing experience.

Good luck in stage 6 Don!

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