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May 1 – Scrutineering and Prologue Tunisia 2010

Route Map

Tunisia 2010 Map

Don is competing in the Rallye International de Tunisie starting today in Tunis, Tunisia. Don has passed all the scrutineering procedures with the Desert Rose team and his KTM 690 Rally bike, the same bike that he rode in the 2010 Dakar race.

“Tunisia is definitely Africa” Don’s wife and onsite support crew member Natalie comments. Temperatures are in the mid 30 to low 40 degree Celsius during the day and low teens at nighttime. There will be an excessive amount of sand riding for the competition stages with long liaison stages in between.

New to this year’s rally is “live broadcasting” by the event organizers. We will be following the event here to see how well this works.

Day one on Saturday was a prologue event held on the beach near Tunis. This accommodated the spectators allowing them to see the cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks up close and in full race action. The terrain was very deep wet sand – not the easiest thing for Don to contend with riding his heavy KTM 690.

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