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May 2 – Stage 1 Tunisia 2010

Today’s Stage 1 – Tunis to Douz – is a total of 586 kilometers of which 180 kilometers is the special stage. The organizers note that it will be challenging to navigate with numerous intersections and change of directions. They also gave warning regarding the cacti – “get too close and you’ll get hurt”.

Don finished the stage in 30th place. Sunday’s Stage 1 was an early start with Don having a start time of 5:52 AM. Don did well with the longest stage of the race: 586 kilometers. He was riding well up to approximately 65km from the end of the stage when he was delayed for a mechanical issue. He was able to get underway again and finished the special stage 1 hour 36 minutes off the pace.

If you watch the video clips of the race you will see huge cacti bordering the route in the desert area. They appear massive and even the event organizers gave warning not to wander near them. This is not the place to loose concentration! You will also see Don in the opening sequence riding number 18!

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