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May 3 – Stage 2 Tunisia 2010

Stage 2 was a straight 288km special stage. That means they raced the whole way riding at 100%, no relaxing riding during a liaison. The stage consists of sand, sand with rocks, sand dunes, soft sand and more fast, wide packed sand tracts to the bivouac at Nekrif.

Don successfully completed Stage 2 of the Rally in 24th position for the day. Don was 2 hours and 9 minutes behind the leader Chalelo Lopez of Chili. This places Don in 29th position overall in the rally and 6th in his class with four more days of competition to come.

It was an incredibly hot day, temperatures in the high 30 degrees Celsius, with a winding route through the sands of Tunisia. This was the first day of racing in the sand dunes that all the competitors were looking forward to. Don is not reporting any ongoing issues with his motorcycle after yesterday’s mechanical delay.

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