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May 4 – Stage 3 Tunisia 2010

Stage 3 is a loop from Nekrif back to Nikrif totaling 265 kilometers in length. It is a fast special with a mix of small sand dunes, canyons and winding rocky tracks. As the organizers note: “ there will be something for everyone”. They are also reminding riders to “follow the right bearings through the sea of dunes” as the “track keeps disappearing under the wheels”.

Don finished Stage 3 of the rally 25th on the stage, 28th overall and still 6th in his class, 5 hours and 16 minutes behind the leader Lopez. This is amazing considering the rough, rock strewn terrain that favors the smaller lighter bikes. Couple this with extreme heat and a blinding sand storm described as a “white out” that nearly grounded the helicopters.

Don notes via text message “we needed good navigation skills today as all the tracks were covered with blowing sand”. Although tired by the tough racing conditions – it is hard to train for the extreme heat and the soft sand terrain here in western Canada – he is loving the competition.

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