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May 5 – Stage 4 Tunisia 2010

“The Longest Day”. That is the warning note on the route overview from the organizers of the 2010 Rally International de Tunisie. It is followed by terms such as “fast, undulating tracks: sliding and jumping at daybreak” and “small dunes become large dunes, with less space between them: it becomes increasing difficult to find a route through them”. This is what Don faced today on Stage 4 of the rally.

However Don has survived the “longest day” in the Rally. He ended up 25th on the stage, and dropped to 22nd overall but remains 6th in his class.

Don is now 8 hr and 6 minutes back from the leader Lopez. Second place is being fought between Spaniard Marc Coma – one of the race favorites – and Poland’s Jacob Przygonski who are within 21 seconds of each other and only 23 minutes back from Lopez. Very tight times with only two more days of racing remaining!

“I actually enjoyed the day and had fun” Don noted via text. “ I lost time due to a fuel issue 21 kilometers from the end of the stage”. This unfortunately lost him time and two places in the overall rankings. Don’s bike quit due to a fuel starvation issue so he had to stop and physically unbolt and remove his front fuel tank and pour the contents into his rear fuel tank to get the bike running again.

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