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May 7 – Stage 6 Tunisia 2010

“Amazing”. “Hardest day of the Rally”. “Hardest Tunisian Rally ever!” These were quotes from some of the veteran competitors of the international Rally Raid series which includes the famous Dakar race.

Don finished 16th on the stage and 5th in class for the day. It was his best stage of the rally. This places him 21st overall and 6th in class, 12 hours and 24 minutes behind the leader. The race was won by Chaleco Lopez of Chile while Marc Coma of Spain made up an unbelievable 11 minutes over Przygonski to take second place.

There is a very nice video interview with Don and his wife Natalie here. Just scroll down to and look for their photo showing them wearing their black Rally Raid Canada tee shirts.

On behalf of the whole Rally Raid Canada team we would like to thank our fans, supporters and especially our media partners who have been so kind to follow us on this North African adventure. We now look forward to the Sardegna Rally Race in Italy starting May 27.

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