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So you want to ride the Dakar! (steps to the start)

Before you do anything Send application to ASO… (Pray to motorcycle gods to be accepted …if your spouse will allow it you can sacrifice a virgin… may or may not help but definitely takes your mind off waiting for an ASO response.)

Most of the following must be done prior to knowing if you are actually in the rally.

1) Learn How to Navigate
2) Ride Ride Ride
3) Train train train
3(a) Make many visits to physio therapist so can continue training.
4) Purchase Bike(s) In my case each year I have purchased two bikes one for parts one to convert to Rally trim.
4(a) Arrange support program and mechanics
4 (b) build bikes
4(c) Have stroke when I count what I have spent so far!!!
5) Purchase all spares
6) Purchase Tires and Mousse enough for Rally approximately total 20 each
7) Purchase riding kit enough for 15 days
8) Purchase camping gear
8 (a) Have even larger stroke at cash outlay!!!
8(b) small celebration received letter acknowledging acceptance in Dakar.!!!
9) Purchase mandatory emergency supplies
10) Purchase all mandatory navigation equipment and mounting
11) Arrange and purchase all Licenses Insurance and permits.
12) Ship bikes to France for shipment to SA.
12(a) question shipping company on why I can fly to UK in 10 hours but my bike needs a month.
12(b) Plead with shipping company to send bike on time
12 (c) Look for dirt on shipper in order to blackmail him into shipping my bike.
12(d) small celebration bike on its way to Europe note to self shipper must have found out about blackmail plan because he absolutely raped me on shipping costs. Further note to self all the stories I had read on Adventure traveller website shipping bike to UK for $400. Either this was a little known airline or an urban myth. My shipping costs are 6x that amount in UK pounds.
12 (a) meet with divorce lawyer now that wife has also had a stroke over cash outlay!!!
13) Arrange flights and Hotels in country that does not speak a word of my mother tongue. Pray that you have booked hotel in same city as start of rally, was really hard to understand hotel clerk who said si to everything I asked.
14) Contact health clinic get 25 needles to protect against every conceivable disease in countries to be crossed. Also contact doctor get pills for sleeping. Diareah, vomiting, fever, cold, constipation, headache, muscle ache.
15) Train Train train
16) Don’t leave house now except to train or ride, for fear of getting sick, or injured before start of Rally.
Stay Tuned for part two!

3 comments to So you want to ride the Dakar! (steps to the start)

  • Steve L

    Hi Don, I am very excited to follow you and Simon in the upcoming Dakar. What is the best way to follow you guys (official Dakar site, twitter etc)? also, the corporate and fan pkg dont seem to load. Do you know anyone in Toronto area/southern ontario who runs endure schools? I am a 41 yr old rider looking to do an international event in the next 3 years…I have lots of riding experience, but next to no competitive experience. Good luck Don, you are an inspiration for us amateurs and privateers! Steve L, Toronto.

  • Greg B.

    Good to see you the other night. Go with the mind set to finish the race and you will do Great. Chris and I are cheering for you. Have a Great Race and we will see you when you get home to tell us all about your latest Adventure.
    Greg and Chris

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