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Simon through Third Point of the Last Stage

Natalie texted that while waiting on the road for Simon to come through, an ASO helicopter landed and someone got out to tell the large crowd to move back. The road is narrow and there was not enough room for the racers as well as the spectators.

At this rate, Simon will be finished safely and the ceremonial podium is tomorrow. A bittersweet day for Don Hatton and Natalie, for sure.

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Finish 1: Faria and Barreda on the virtual podium

At the moment, Ruben Faria holds the second best time at the finish of the first part of the special, 32′ behind Francisco López. Joan Barreda is third, 8′ behind the Portuguese rider. Frans Verhoeven, who was in the Top 3 at the previous checkpoints, has yet to finish.

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  • bill

    Every one involved from Don on down should be as proud as can be !!!! It takes an enormous effort to be sure to go to Dakar and it’s obvious that everyone gave 100%. I am one very proud Canadian to be able to tell all about Don and his Dakar adventure and what he and you all have endured ….. Cheers to all :)

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