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Simon Made it in 60th Place

Congratulations to Simon Pavey for finishing the 2013 Dakar Rally!

Francisco López was the fastest rider on today’s course, beating Ruben Faria by 29′, Joan Barreda by 37′, Hélder Rodrigues by 53′ and Juan Pedrero García by 1’25′. Nevertheless, the penalties handed down to Chaleco and Juan Pedrero García for changing their engines yesterday offer the stage win on a platter to Ruben Faria.

For these independent riders to compete and complete at all is miraculous. The professionals have the back ups, the trucks, the teams and all the support they need provided. Which is why, in the video from Day Three, Johnny Campbell is relaxing in the shadow of his bike, simply awaiting the cavalry to come and save him. Not so for the independents.

Congratulations again to Simon and also to Don for giving it his best shot. We have to find out where the lousy truck that hit him placed!!

2 comments to Simon Made it in 60th Place

  • bill

    Given the number of riders that started the Dakar this 60th place finish is remarkable , just to be good enough to enter the Dakar is in itself a great feat , Simon carry yourself with pride you have done what many could not !! Congrates !!!!!

  • Mike Taylor

    Congratulations to Simon and all of the team…well done!

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