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About Rally Raid Canada

Rally Raid Canada is an International motorcycle off road rally team; we are one of the most experienced Motorcycle rally teams in Canada.

We have competed in Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South America and Mexico.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event, business or club, contact us. With 25 years of business success and 7 years of international rallies Don Hatton has some amazing stories.

We have competed very successfully in the Baja 1000.

2013 Marked our 4th time competing in the world famous Dakar Rally

We offer Adventure rider training.

The course is as the British would say focused on “the Big Trailies”.

It is designed for the beginner to intermediate adventure rider, We cover everything from proper riding position to picking up your bike.

Day 1: is on our property we work on skill and technique.

Day 2: is usually a refresher of day 1 before heading out on a 4 to 5 hour adventure ride.

The riders who gain the most from my course are riders who have street riding experience and now want to take their skills to a new level.

(If you have a lot of off road dirt bike experience then this may not be the course for you.)

We are not a learn to ride course you must be able to ride a motorcycle to benefit from this course. 

If your goal is to explore on your bike then this is the course for you.

If your dreams include motorcycle adventures we can assist you in attaining them.

We can be contacted at:

Don Hatton has competed in more off road rallies then any Canadian to date, including Morocco, Dubai, Tunisia,Mexico, He has competed as a member of Cyril Despres Factory KTM team in Sardinia Italy, He is a three time Dakar Rally competitor and was Teamed with Simon Pavey on a Husqvarna supported team in the 2013 Dakar Rally, His competed in the Baja 1000 finishing 4th in his category.
Don assisted Charly Boorman in the filming of the BC stage of Extreme Frontiers Canada. He was the featured adventure riding instructor on 12 episodes of the TSN series “Motorcycle Experience”, Don has instructed adventure riding courses with world renowned BMW Off Road Skills instructor Simon Pavey.
He is a sought after speaker and regularly speaks to clubs and business groups on his adventures .


Hi Don,

My thanks to you for sharing your expertise in a way that was practical and effective. In no other way could I have learned what I did.
My reluctance to try some of the obstacles was entirely based on my level of fatigue – which was a reflection of my fitness. Next time I’ll be in better shape. Having said that, perhaps a topic you might explore with your students is how to recognize fatigue and how to deal with it – what to refocus on. Your Dakar experiences will have made you expert on this. Not to try to bring us to your level, but to share some of your experiences and concepts.

Thanks again to you and Natalie for your hospitality.


Don, it was the most fun I had on two or 4 wheels for a
long time. Learning new skills has always been my passion and I would love
to be able to adventure ride better, and pick up enduro riding before I get
too old! 😉

Please let me know when you put on a enduro class, or another adv riding
class and I’m definitely interested in coming over again.


If your dreams include motorcycle adventures we can assist you in attaining them.

We can be contacted at: