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Natalie Hatton

Natalie HattonNatalie Hatton – Administrative Support:Don’s wife, Natalie supports his dream of racing in the Dakar Rally but is hoping that one day he will get it out of his system, it’s too nerve wracking.”

“Don has talked about this race as long as I have known him. I had no idea how big this event is, I now have learned first hand the extent of administrative work it takes to get to the starting line, and the danger involved in the event itself.”

Natalie currently resides in the Cowichan Valley with Don and their children, Kevin, Jason, Chelsea, and Alexandra. She knows that Don has both the determination and will to make it to the finish line in Dakar! She has provided untold moral and administrative support to all Don’s previous efforts and continues to be Don’s number 1 fan and contributor.

Don says, “Natalie is the most amazing lady in the world, she had no idea what the Dakar was about or what she was getting into when she agreed to this adventure. Since we started this adventure, Natalie has slept in a Bedouin tent for 6 days in the Sahara, been mugged in Morocco, fought off scorpions and snakes while living in a tent in Tunisia. She faced the embarrassment of a desert toilet, driven 12 hours across the Argentinean outback to see me in hospital after she received the call I was in critical condition. Yet she keeps on smiling and supporting me!!! She has either gone very insane or she really does love me.”

Natalie is very proud of the contributions the team has made to charities from purchasing treated mosquito nets for villagers in Africa, and she has personally visited the African villages. This has been a very exciting time. Natalie really enjoys helping the local African communities that host the major rallies and very much enjoys working with all of the people from around the world who are connected to the rallies. We have met many new friends.

“She is not sure if she will go to the 2013 Dakar with Don… my money says she does!”