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Dakar 2010 Links and Info

Dakar 2010 Links and Info

Dakar Web Site

Live Tracking

List of Entrants – Don is #74

Interview with Cyril Despres

Spanish feed with Dakar coverage

Overview of Rally Schedule

Route Map, click ” The route in detail ” for details

Google Earth kmz file […]

Dakar December 29, 2009 – Dakar 2010, Bring it On!

Don Welcomed to Argentina

The planning and hectic schedule associated with the Christmas Holidays are all behind us now. Don has arrived in Argentina!

Don met with the Canadian Ambassador to Argentina Timothy Martin and Deputy Ambassador Steve Hawley. They along with embassy staff provided Don with a […]

Dakar December 30, 2009 – Scrutineering

Don in Scrutineering

We just heard that Don has made it through the first hurdle of any major Rally, the scrutineering. Sounds like there were a few minor issues but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

The next challenge will be finding enough tires and mousse. Don’s supply for […]

Dakar December 31, 2009 – Scrutineering

Don and Bike Before Scrutineering

Inspection of Olympia Jacket

The Team – John, Bernie, Don

Finished Scrutineering

Post Scrutineering at Start Podium

As we reported yesterday, Don and the bike both made it through scrutineering. There were a couple minor issues, […]

Dakar January 1, 2010 – Start Day

Pre-race Excitement

Camera Check

Riding – No Camera

Riding with Camera

Well, nothing is ever easy at the Dakar, especially for competitor #73 Javier Pizzolito. A short time before he was to depart the Parc Ferme his bike suddenly caught fire. Of course […]

Dakar January 2, 2010 – Stage 1

A Tough Day

Nice Ride

Listen to the clip above of Don on Rally Radio, he sums Day 2 up pretty well.

The audio starts with Don’s account of the fire he was exposed to on Day 1 of the rally. We think we would have run from […]

Dakar January 3, 2010 – Stage 2

An Even Tougher Day

An Even Tougher Day

Believe it or not the picture to the left (from Reuters News Agency) is not the worst thing that happened to Don in the last 24 hours!

Don called in to Natalie from the Bivouac hospital hooked up to […]

Dakar January 4, 2010 – Stage 3

The Toughest Day


At the moment Don is listed as one of 14 riders that have withdrawn from the rally in stage 3! We expect that number to climb.

For those of you who have been trying to track Don on-line it has been a frustrating day, from all reports […]

Dakar January 5, 2010

The three links below provide some insight as to the conditions on stage 3. Watch the videos in order, at the start of the second one you will be amazed at the large number of cars that are stuck in such a small area.

In car video from stage 3

Video from outside […]