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News 2010

2010 Baja 1000 Race Summary, Team News Release – 25 November 2010

The team did a magnificent job of bringing home the Husaberg FE570 for the manufactures first ever Baja finish. Finishing the event was the team’s top priority…

2010 Baja 1000 Preparation Update, Team News Release – 7 November 2010

The […]

News 2009

Dakar 2010 Scrutineering, Team News Release – 27 December 2009

The day all Dakar racers fear. Scrutineering day. This year that day is …

Dakar 2010 Going away celebration, Team News Release – 12 December 2009

Team Destination Dakar’s Don Hatton is heading off to race the Dakar 2010 race in Argentina […]

Times Colonist Article – 26 August, 2007

Cowichan man’s dreams of racing in famed Dakar Rally become reality… Just a handful of Canadians have participated in one of the world’s most gruelling competitions. Sunday, August 26, 2007

The road from Duncan to Dakar is a lot longer than Don Hatton first anticipated.

The Cowichan Valley-raised Hatton, a 49-year-old insurance broker, always […]

2008 Dakar Cancellation – 4 January, 2008

A.S.O. Cancels the 2008 Edition of the Dakar Rally

After different exchanges with the French government – in particular the Ministry for Foreign Affairs -, and based on their firm recommendations, the organizers of the Dakar have taken the decision to cancel the 2008 edition of the rally, scheduled from the […]

May 7 – Stage 6 Tunisia 2010

“Amazing”. “Hardest day of the Rally”. “Hardest Tunisian Rally ever!” These were quotes from some of the veteran competitors of the international Rally Raid series which includes the famous Dakar race.

Don finished 16th on the stage and 5th in class for the day. It was his best stage of the rally. This […]

May 6 – Stage 5 Tunisia 2010

Stage 5 was mainly sand and dunes referred to as “chains of sand dunes” by the organizers. The sand is so soft that Don’s wife Natalie, who is among the support crew, noted that the support truck got stuck and they had to dig themselves out en route to the bivouac!

Don has […]

May 5 – Stage 4 Tunisia 2010

“The Longest Day”. That is the warning note on the route overview from the organizers of the 2010 Rally International de Tunisie. It is followed by terms such as “fast, undulating tracks: sliding and jumping at daybreak” and “small dunes become large dunes, with less space between them: it becomes increasing difficult to find […]

May 4 – Stage 3 Tunisia 2010

Stage 3 is a loop from Nekrif back to Nikrif totaling 265 kilometers in length. It is a fast special with a mix of small sand dunes, canyons and winding rocky tracks. As the organizers note: “ there will be something for everyone”. They are also reminding riders to “follow the right bearings through the […]

May 3 – Stage 2 Tunisia 2010

Stage 2 was a straight 288km special stage. That means they raced the whole way riding at 100%, no relaxing riding during a liaison. The stage consists of sand, sand with rocks, sand dunes, soft sand and more fast, wide packed sand tracts to the bivouac at Nekrif.

Don successfully completed Stage 2 of the […]

May 2 – Stage 1 Tunisia 2010

Today’s Stage 1 – Tunis to Douz – is a total of 586 kilometers of which 180 kilometers is the special stage. The organizers note that it will be challenging to navigate with numerous intersections and change of directions. They also gave warning regarding the cacti – “get too close and you’ll get hurt”.

Don […]