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Report from Don After Day Two

Bad news for a couple of British riders, one has broken his back and was airlifted out, the other is out with a dislocated collarbone.

Devastating news from David Bensadoun, Canadian Rally Car driver. He is out due to mechanical issues. David was too upset to talk and Don feels terrible for him.

Don had a great day, although it was very difficult. It was 39 F in the dunes. He is feeling good other than cramped muscles due to dehydration. He said he had to work hard to keep his ego in check and not go too fast. Ego does not help finish the Dakar!

Organizers have confirmed over 1,000,000 spectators at the start and 600,000 between Lima and Pisco.

The lead cars caught up to him at about mile 150. He plans to complain, as the cars are not using their sentinels, which are like very loud horns to let the bikes know that the cars are coming up behind them. This is very dangerous and terrifying.

Here is the Press Release from today

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