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Don Hatton Still making Slow and Steady Progress Toward WP6

Paul Green, the support truck driver has texted the following

“He is still making progress, slow but steady. Hopefully not long now before he comes out of the special stage. Then he has 96KM on the road which is easy going.”

He should be pulling into Way Point 6 soon.

Johnny Campbell from the USA, an excellent and experienced rider came in at 158, so Don is not the only one having a bad day.

4 comments to Don Hatton Still making Slow and Steady Progress Toward WP6

  • Jenn Ciolfi

    Don, You’re dedication is inspiring. We’re all out there with you.


  • Todd

    Hey Don, you can do it! Remember the conversation we had in my office many years ago. Your dream was to do the Dakar, dig deep you can do it!!

  • John Yeomans

    Glad to hear you are not too badly injured. And that you are going to persevere. You obviously pissed those Russians off back at the Bivouac. Get the mechanic to strap some hellfire missiles to the back of the bike with a proximity switch,that should keep you safe. Good luck to you Buddy.

    John Y

  • Jim and Vici Davidson

    We hope that you are ok Hang in there. You are In our thoughts and prayers. We are enjoying following you on your ride
    All the best Jim and Vici

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