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Deadly Dakar Accident Kills Two, Injures Seven

The Dakar carnage continues unabated. The injuries and accidents sustained by the riders are seldom if ever reported. However this accident is likely being reported internationally as it involves Peruvian citizens.

Don texted:

My concern about riding in the service truck was not unfounded.

On Wednesday evening 10 km before the Chilean border, one of the support trucks for the British “Race to Recovery” team was involved in a head on collision with a taxi. Two people were killed and seven have been critically injured, including the three guys on the truck. They had been in a group of support vehicles with us only two hours earlier. I am pretty devastated to hear of this they are all great guys.

The Race to Recovery guys are not dead but they are in critical condition. I have no information on their injuries.

The Race to Recovery Team is the subject of a TV series in the UK and are raising money for disabled soldiers. Each of the race vehicles had an amputee soldier in it.

The Race to Recovery Website reports:

On Wednesday, three other members of the Race2Recovery team, John Winskill, Justin Birchall and Lee Townsend were injured in a serious road traffic accident when the Land Rover Defender (a team support vehicle not a race vehicle) that they were travelling in was involved in a collision in which two Peruvian civilians died and left several others injured. Winskill, Birchall and Townsend were transferred to a local hospital close to the scene in Tacna, Peru, before being flown to a hospital in Lima, Peru for further tests and treatment. The three team members are described as stable and recovering well.

Their other vehicle has since been in another accident after hitting a ditch and rolling. Both people in the vehicle survived.

And another death:

As we write this, news of the death of another rider is just in. Apparently, he struck a police car during the Liaison section. Don rode with this man for two days. We are not reporting his name since his family may not yet know.

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