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Baja November 17, 2010

Update from Don, via Duncan Motorsports Website

This is a point form update from a phone conversation with Don November 17, 2010.

All is good in Mexico and the riders are very excited for the start of the race tomorrow, November 18, 2010.

  • The pre-ride was more difficult then the riders had thought it would be.
  • Don gave an estimate on riding times for each section:
    • Paul 6-8hrs
    • Marc 7-8hrs
    • Nick 8-10hrs
    • Don 8-10hrs
  • There have been some technical difficulties along the way:
    • They are finding it hard to get cell phone coverage. This is affecting the communication between the team members. If this problem continues the riders and support trucks will have to communicate with the help of spotters in Duncan.
    • Nick’s GPS has broken.
    • Tracking system has been intermittent at times. There is hope this will correct itself by tomorrow.
  • During Don’s first pre-ride he was stuck out in the desert without enough fuel, technical problems with his headlight, approximately 60 miles (96km) to go, and without contact with his support truck. Don found relief when he turned a corner some time later to see John flying a Canadian flag with a spot light on it from the support truck. Don mentioned that seeing the spotlight on the flag, waiving in the black midnight dessert was one of the best things he has ever seen.
  • There has been lots of driving. Every pre-ride takes approximately 500 miles (800km) of dessert riding and driving every day.
  • Team Duncan Motorsports is spread out over 1,700km.
  • Don describes the roads that the support trucks are driving on as being treacherous, and the riding terrain as being very difficult.
  • Don’s fear is that during his section the Trophy Trucks will have caught the motorcycles in an area where there is no place to pull off and get out of the way.
  • During one of Don’s pre-rides he was struck on the right side of his bike by a Class 1 Buggy that was riding a bank trying to over take him. The buggy slid down the bank, colliding with Don’s bike. One of the passengers in the buggy turned out to be professional motorcycle racer Lawrence Hacking.

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