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Baja November 17, 2010

Last Update before the Baja Starts via Duncan Motorsports Website

Don’s update (by phone call):

Don was not planning to ride today, but he felt he better get out there for one more ride before the race starts tomorrow. Don has been riding a brand new Husaberg FE450 and is having a great time doing so. Don says that this is a great bike; he has not made a single change as it is bone stock and has now put well over 1000km on it.

Team Duncan Motorsports has had to switch their pit support. The team was supposed to get support from the KTM pit crew, but found out today that this is not an official KTM crew and were forced to change to the Baja support team.

Before traveling to Mexico the team was advised to use tubes in their tires. They have found now that most teams are running Moose’s.

Nicks update (by e-mail):

I pre rode yesterday from race mile marker 735, just after the silt beds. Marc and I rode to where my rider change to Don will be at race mile 846. I took a wrong turn early in the game, lost marc, waited around for him for about 20 mins. Rode backwards for about 15 miles to see if he crashed or was lost or where he was. I couldn’t find marc, so I continued along hoping to find him in the way….. No such luck. I rode alone to the end of the section. It was a high speed run. Great ride!!!

I should be getting the bike around 8pm or so. It should take me about 8 to 10 hours.


On a side note:

Nick’s spot is not working so he will be taking Marc’s spot during the bike transfer.

Nick is also pre-riding on a Husaberg FE390 and having a great time. He says that the bike is performing great.

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